Vehicle Fleet

For de-icing and anti-icing, we deploy 78 vehicles.

To satisfy the special requirements of our customers, for example the rear de-icing of an Airbus A380, we run four different vehicle models: Elephant® Gamma, Elephant® My, Elephant® Beta and Elephant® Beta 15 from the Danish manufacturer Vestergaard. With these vehicles, de-icing on the Remote De-icing Pads with running engines is possible as well as the completion of exacting ice-checks.

Maintenance and repair is done at Fraport-owned garages and through manufacturer-trained personnel.

Detailed information can be found in our ‘Vehicle Fleet List’ at the download area


Vestergaard Elephant Beta


Vestergaard Elephant Gamma


Vestergaard Elephant My

Tank Farms

For the storage of the de-icing fluid (ADF), N*ICE runs three tank farms on the apron:  


Tank Farm 1

Our biggest facility next to hangar 5 has been completed in 2007 and holds a capacity of 540.000 liters, a third of which are recycled water, 120.000 liters type I fluid and 240.000 liters type IV fluid. A part of our vehicle fleet is stationed here as well.


Tank Farm 2

This 2009-finished facility has been expanded in 2010 and today holds a 12 tanks of 30.000 liters each, composed of 2 tanks of recycled water, 4 tanks of type I fluid and 6 tanks of type IV fluid. Important is the decentralized location in close proximity to the de-icing pads at departure runway west. A part of our vehicle fleet is stationed here as well.


Tank Farm 3

This facility has been brought into service in 2012 and consists of nine 30.000-liter tanks, 2 tanks containing recycled water, 3 tanks with type I fluid and 4 tanks with type IV fluid. With this location we build storage capacities next to the planned Terminal 3. A part of our vehicle fleet is stationed here as well.